Act One Limousine is a company offering luxurious ground transportation, specializing in airport transfers including our Miami Airport Limo Service. Miami International Airport (MIA) is the largest US gateway for Latin America and the Caribbean and one of the busiest airports in the world. Our presence at MIA is strong and we are adamant about providing the finest service to our clients traveling to and from the airport. Next time you have a flight to catch or you touch down at MIA, think Act One Limousine. Our team will go out of their way to meet your expectations and ensure you receive the highest possible level of service. We are strongly committed to your satisfaction and we always endeavor to make each journey highly enjoyable.


Our Miami Airport Limo Service is backed by our second to none customer care. We are determined to provide a prompt and reliable service with the highest level of support so that you can travel with a peace of mind. Act One Limousine employs highly trained and fully licensed transportation professionals who are passionate about their work. This translates to a professional service and one that shines with quality. Our team will truly go out of their way to assist you during your transportation, getting you to your final destination in utmost comfort. You can rely on our team to always be parked promptly ready to assist you and as part of our Meet and Greet Service you can enjoy additional assistance. Our chauffeur will meet you inside the terminal, help you with your luggage and help you settle into the vehicle.


Providing a service of this high standard would be impossible without our quality fleet. We have put in preventive measures and regularly scheduled maintenance checks to ensure all our vehicles arrive in pristine condition. All our cars undergo careful inspection to make sure they arrive spotlessly clean every time you travel. Our vehicles provide ample luggage space and plenty of room for you to stretch your feet and relax, while our professional chauffeur takes care of the steering wheel. Enjoy the finest Miami Airport Limo Service when you travel with Act One Limousine.

Our goal at Act One Limousine is to make your airport transportation as pleasant and worry-free as possible. Call us today at (561)272-7027



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George Edwards Testimonial

I use Act One at least a couple of times a month. Getting to the airport has been made so easy by their Airport Limo Service. Arriving promptly to pick me up and most helpful drivers who are always willing to assist.


J. Meyers Testimonial

Always early, always friendly, and virtually on-demand. One of the best car services in South Florida.


Nocholas Testimonial

My number one South Florida car service. I’ve been traveling with this company for a long time now and enjoy their lovely service. Their cars are of the highest quality and always arrive absolutely spotless.